Sometimes, when checking the "Having trouble?" page of your older wallets, you will see a warning saying:

API has been upgraded

This wallet was created using an older version of the API which may result in some data not getting imported correctly. You should delete this wallet and create a new one

How Koinly upgrades the integrations

When we roll out a new version of an integration, we perform an in-place upgrade. This means that every wallet is automatically upgraded to the newest version and will sync the new transactions using the updated/upgraded script.

There has been one exception to this so far - our new Kraken integration has been completely redesigned and requires setting up the new wallet. The old integration is called "Legacy".

Why does this warning show?

Upgraded integrations may download transactions in a different way and create duplicates. To avoid this, whenever we upgrade an integration, we:

  • Set a "Start import from" date on the integration to the date of the upgrade to avoid downloading older transactions using the new version of the integration (this can happen if you resync the wallet from the beginning only, not when you click the "Sync now" button)

  • We show a warning about the upgraded API on the troubleshooting page

Do I have to delete my wallet and recreate it?

It depends. If you didn't have any problems with your past transactions, you don't have any missing purchase history warnings and the balances have always been correct - you don't have to delete this wallet and you can just ignore this warning.

But if the API sync wasn't complete and you were dealing with errors, then it's recommended to delete the integration and add it again. The upgraded version of our integration might be introduced fixes that will allow Koinly to download your full transaction history and fix all the errors you previously had.

I don't want to see this warning

If you don't want to recreate your wallet but want to hide this error, you can:

  • Disable the API

  • Set it up again (remember to include the "Start import from" date as today)

This will remove the warning from your Troubleshooting page. It won't have any impact on your wallet, since the integration is already using the newest version to download the current transactions.

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