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Beware of scam attempts
Beware of scam attempts
Scam attempts: activate a frozen account, release funds stored in Koinly, unfreeze funds, dormant bitcoin wallet
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In the past year, we have grown to be one of the most popular tax accounting platforms in the space and we're grateful to all our users who made this possible. However, with the increased visibility of our brand, we've noticed more attempts by nefarious actors to use our name in scam attempts.

Koinly and its employees will never:

  1. 🚫 Ask you for your seed phrase.
    Never share your seed/recovery phrase with anyone. Anybody asking you for your seed phrase is a scammer. If you provided your seed phrase to a 3rd party, you should consider your funds stolen/lost and your wallet permanently compromised.

  2. 🚫 Request any payment from you outside of our Plans page
    You should only pay for our platform via the "Plans" page in your account.

  3. 🚫 Request money to "activate" or "unfreeze" your account
    We do not have any fees for unblocking accounts.

  4. 🚫 Ask you to fill out forms on 3rd party websites
    You should always contact us via our official channels - if you want to talk to us directly, use our in-app chat or send your question to [email protected]

  5. 🚫 Ask you to send us coupon codes, amazon gift cards, etc.

Koinly cannot:

  1. β›” Withdraw your funds - we don't have access to them! We only have read-only permissions to your wallets

  2. β›” Store your funds - our platform only shows funds stored on your wallets and exchanges. We do not hold any funds ourselves.

Known scam attempts

Below are some examples of scams our users reported:

  1. SCAM: Someone is contacting you saying that they have found some lost funds in your dormant account and need you to pay an activation fee (or release fee) to withdraw it.

  2. SCAM: Someone is contacting you claiming they are a recruiter for Koinly and needs you to send some crypto to their wallet to proceed with your application.

  3. SCAM: Someone posted a link to a google form in our forum or feedback portal, claiming that this is how you can contact our support

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