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What Is Koinly?

Koinly is a DIY platform used by hundreds of individuals and tax professionals. Its goal is to simplify calculating your gains and income from crypto transactions while accounting for the cost basis calculation method required in your country (FIFO, LIFO, etc.)

Things that were previously meticulously calculated in spreadsheets using advanced formulas can be done in minutes thanks to Koinly.

We are striving to be the best crypto accounting platform, where our users can import all the data and generate the necessary reports for themselves, ready to file with their tax office or to send to their accountant.

What do we do to help?

We know that sometimes auditing crypto transaction data is complicated! We have extensive online resources to help in such cases:

Reaching out to Koinly's Technical Support

Our Technical Support Team is only a few clicks away and is happy to answer questions via chat or email. We’re proud to say that the quality of our support is often praised and mentioned in online reviews (See our Trustpilot score!)

What Technical Support can help you with

  • Find articles in our knowledge base related to the issue

  • Identify and fix issues with importing data from supported exchanges/blockchains

  • Assist in analyzing example transactions, where the gains seem incorrect

  • Check that there are no data-related issues on the wallet (i.e. missing purchase history errors)

  • Help in choosing the correct settings that fit your requirements

What Technical Support cannot help you with

  • Create custom CSV files for blockchains we do not support

  • Provide tax advice

    • Help to file taxes with your tax office

    • Confirm that the tax calculations are correct

    • Advise what are the correct settings for your country

  • Import the data from all the different sources for you

  • Audit your full transaction history

  • Support in your native language. While, if possible, we try to help in your native language (we have agents all over the world!) it will not always be possible - our official support is provided in English

If a comprehensive, complete audit is needed

We recommend contacting a crypto tax accountant - we have multiple CPAs experienced in dealing with crypto transactions listed on our website.

We can also recommend considering purchasing an Expert Review - you can read more about the scope of this service in our article What is Expert Review?

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