Have you exported a CSV or Excel file from your broker only to notice that the timestamps are not reported in UTC time?

Most platforms will stick to the standardized UTC timestamps but some platforms will report all timestamps using a specific timezone or using the user's local timezone.
If your files are being reported using a different timezone then you may need to specify the timezone of the file when you import it to Koinly.

Koinly is able to automatically detect the timezone of your file if it is specified either in the column headers or in the fields themselves. If the timezone is not specified in the file then Koinly will assume that the reported timestamps are in UTC time.

You can easily fix this by specifying your file's timezone when importing it.
For example, Kucoin's CSV files are usually reported in SGT time since Kucoin is based in Singapore. If this is the case for your file, then you should select the Singapore timezone from the drop-down option shown below

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