The LUNA migration and airdrop have caused some unique complications that will sometimes need to be addressed in order to fix your transaction history. This mainly applies to wallets that were created or synced before mid-July 2022 as all LUNA/LUNC transactions should be importing correctly from July.

If you have followed the instructions below but you still believe something is not working correctly then please let us know through the live chat or by emailing [email protected]

Koinly will continue to refer to LUNC as LUNA for the time being. You will however notice that the old LUNA has a different logo from the new LUNA and Koinly will correctly differentiate between these two coins and their pricing.

Ex: New LUNA on the left, old LUNA on the right

How to fix incorrectly imported transactions or wallets

If you have LUNA in a centralized exchange/wallet then you may see some incorrectly imported transactions. The most common error is when the new version of LUNA gets incorrectly imported as the old LUNA.

Fixing this is quite easy since the imports have now been fixed. You can follow the steps in this article to re-import these transactions:
How to re-import tokens after an update

How to handle the airdrop of your new LUNA

If you have received an airdrop of the new LUNA coin then you may need to add or label this transaction manually.
If you received the airdrop in a non-custodial wallet, such as Terrastation, then you will need to add this airdrop manually since Koinly does not support auto-sync for the new mainnet at this time. See also How to import data from unsupported blockchains.

If you received this airdrop on a centralized exchange then Koinly should be able to handle it automatically. It is however worth checking that the transaction has been labeled as an Airdrop and that the coin being airdropped is the new LUNA and not the old one.

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