What is an Expert Review?

The Expert review is an additional service provided by one of our team members who specialize in data import. It lies in inspecting the imported data and assuring that it is complete and correct.

The review is divided into two stages. The first stage is a wallet overview. During this stage, an expert goes through all your wallets and checks that the calculated balances match your actual balances, fixing any negative balances and missing purchase history errors. The second step is reviewing all transactions to identify and fix missing tags, prices (ICOs), staking and liquidity transactions. Once the review is completed, you can be sure that the calculated capital gain is as accurate as possible based on the imported data.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take?

The average waiting time is 2-3 weeks. It can increase to 4-5 weeks during the tax season. If you need the review to be completed urgently, let us know, and we will try to prioritize it.

Is it an alternative to an accounting audit?

No, it is not. Our area of expertise is data import so we are not able to give any tax advice. If you are looking for tax consulting, we would recommend that you contact a certified accountant or advisor about that.

Will you help to lower my gain?

It depends on the issues in your account. We cannot guarantee that your gain will decrease. Yet, it will be calculated as accurately as possible based on the added transactions.

Will you fix all issues in my account?

We will fix most issues in your account. We may still need your help in clarifying what a certain transaction represents and how you would like to record them.

How do I initiate the expert review?

The review is put into our work queue right after placing an order and we start working on it as soon as we can. Please let us know if there is anything in particular that you would like us to go over or that you have doubts about before we begin or if you need more time to upload all the data and want to put your request on hold. You can tell us about any issues you want to share by responding to the confirmation email that you receive after confirming your order.

How much does it cost?

You can check the current price of the "Expert Review" addon on your Plans page.

This price varies throughout the year in order to meet the demand and deliver exceptional quality.

Expert Review is a manual service provided by a small team. We use a dynamic pricing strategy for this service as the team’s workload significantly increases during the tax season. This results in price fluctuations over the year. In general, the price of Expert Review increases from September till January and decreases from April till August. With this, please be sure to consider the dynamic pricing when purchasing the service.

How to prepare for an Expert Review?

  1. Add all your crypto wallets and exchanges ever used.

  2. Make sure that all wallets contain complete transaction history (including deposits, withdrawals, trades, rewards, etc.) for all years of trading and that the history is up to date.

  3. Make all manual adjustments that you were going to make (if any).

  4. Prepare a list of prices of all ICOs participated.

  5. Feel free to ask any questions and share any information that you think may be good for us to know.

* Please, avoid making any changes to your account after the review has started and until it is completed.

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