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How to import your Strongblock nodes
How to import your Strongblock nodes
Written by Petur
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Are you running STRONG nodes?
Importing those transactions to Koinly is now a breeze!

Simply create an Ethereum or Metamask wallet using your public address and your STRONG transactions will be automatically imported. See here

Note: If you created your wallet before March 14th, 2022, then you need to resync your wallet from the beginning as shown in this article.
You might also need to remove any "starting date" that has been added to the API settings. You can find the API settings by clicking on the Auto-sync enabled banner and there you can remove the starting date if there is one.

How to label your STRONG transactions

Receiving rewards

When claiming your STRONG rewards, you will see the transactions as Deposits on Koinly. If you have multiple nodes then you will see multiple deposits.
It is possible to merge all of these deposits into one as shown in this article.
Most countries tax rewards as income so you should also tag all rewards with the Reward label. This will tell Koinly to treat these rewards as income on your reports.

The easiest way to tag all of your rewards is to filter for the STRONG currency and by Deposits only. You can then select up to 50 transactions at a time and tag them all at once.

Starting a node

When starting a STRONG node, you will see a withdrawal of 10 STRONG tokens. This transaction can be tagged as Cost if it is classified as a deductible expense in your country. Many countries will allow you to deduct this cost against the total income which will lower your tax liabilities.

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