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Here's the information shown on your dashboard:

Breakdown area

The breakdown section on the right will show your totals for the period selected above.

  • Received: a sum of all crypto deposits, valued at the time of deposit

  • Sent: a sum of all crypto withdrawals, valued at the time of withdrawal

  • Income: a sum of all "Income" transactions (i.e. rewards, income, airdrops), valued at the time of receipt

  • Expenses: a sum of all "Expenses" transactions (those labeled as costs, margin fee, interest payments), valued at the time of the transaction

  • Trading Fees: Transaction fees that have already been included in your cost-basis. See more in this article

  • Realized Gains: a sum of all gains/losses calculated on taxable events (trades, sells, withdrawals, etc.). This figure includes both the capital gains and the other gains

Chart area

For issues with the graph, see Why is my graph not correct?

  • Total Value: Current market value of all crypto held in the account. Does not include fiat holdings or assets that can't be valued by Koinly such as NFTs or LP tokens.

  • Cost-basis: Current cost-basis of all crypto holdings. This value is recalculated whenever a disposal or acquisition occurs, so in most cases, it will not be the same as the sum of your fiat investment.

  • Unrealized gains: the prognosis of gains/losses from selling all the current holdings at the current market prices (Total Value minus the Cost-Basis)

Assets area

  • Asset: The name and icon of your asset

  • Balance: Current balance of the asset. If the balance and Cost do not add up then you most likely have an issue with the data in your account. See this article

  • Cost: Current cost-basis (may change with every trade, see above)

  • Market Value: Current value of the asset if it was to be sold today

  • ROI: (market value - cost)/cost [%]

  • 24h trend

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