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How to resync your wallet from the beginning
How to resync your wallet from the beginning
Resync missing or deleted transactions
Written by Petur
Updated over a week ago

If you have synced your wallet using an API/auto-sync then you have the option to resync the wallet from the beginning. This will not affect any of your previously synced transactions or any of your manual changes but it will sync any transactions that have been permanently deleted or, in very rare cases, sync transactions that the API skipped.

This button can be found on the Troubleshoot page for your wallet.
Just click on the specific wallet and then click on Troubleshoot. This will open the troubleshoot page and you will see the option to 'Resync wallet from beginning' on the right.

Note that if you see the warning Start Date is Set then you will need to click on the Remove sync start date button before you resync the wallet - in order to resync the entire wallet history.

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