Why is my graph not correct?
Issues with the dashboard graph
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The graph in your dashboard will display the total value and cost-basis of your portfolio over a certain period. This graph will usually work as expected but there are a few common issues that can cause the graph to look strange. These issues are usually related to missing or incorrect data.

Large spikes that look strange

These spikes are usually caused by margin trades or other loans. Any asset purchased with margin will be included in your portfolio value which can result in very high values. Any crypto loan received will also be included in the total value.

It is possible to have these spikes due to other reasons. For example, if you have bought some tokens that Koinly has confused with a similar token with a higher price. This will usually not affect the calculated gains since Koinly can figure out the real purchase and sale prices, even if the price for the token is incorrect.
You can contact our support team if Koinly is importing an incorrect coin or has incorrect prices for any of your coins.
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The current worth on the graph is different from the total value

In the screenshot below, the total value is $7,444 but the graph is showing a worth of $8,660, why is this?

This happens when your API-synced wallets are reporting a balance that differs from Koinly's own calculated balance.
For example, if your wallet has imported these 3 transactions involving USDT:
- A deposit of 100 USDT
- A trade where 50 USDT was spent
- A withdrawal of 30 USDT
Koinly will calculate your balance by adding up these transactions which result in a balance of 20 USDT.
However, the API will also report the current balance of your wallet so if the API has reported a balance of 0 USDT then you will see a warning icon.
The graph will use Koinly's calculated values since the API does not provide historical balances. The 'Total Value' will however show your value based on the API-reported balances which can result in the graph showing a different value. This could indicate that there is an error in your imported data or that there is some data missing.

The 'Total Value' is correct but the graph is wrong. How do I fix it?

See this article on how to fix balance errors to correct the calculated balances:
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Balance errors will be shown with a yellow warning icon next to your wallets:

The graph is correct but the 'Total Value' is wrong. How do I fix it?

The Total Value is usually correct since it is the value that has been reported by the APIs themselves.
There are however certain cases where the balance reported by the API is not correct. The most common reason is if you have sent some of your coins to a staking pool or used it as collateral. Koinly considers these coins to be in your wallet but the API might not include them in your balances. This will result in Koinly's calculations being higher than the API-reported values. This can be fixed by clicking on the specific wallet > 'Auto-sync enabled' > 'Ignore reported balances'.
This setting will tell Koinly to ignore the balances that are being reported by the API and only use its own calculated balances.

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