Import summary is showing lots of errors

You may see errors if there was a problem in your CSV/Excel file. Usually errors happen for the following reasons:

  1. Your file contained a cryptocurrency symbol that Koinly does not recognize. If you are seeing this then check if the ticker symbol is something like BCHOLD and replace it with BCH in your file. You can also check if the cryptocurrency has a different symbol on Koinly and change it to Koinly's symbol.

  2. Your file contained a transaction that Koinly has not seen before. We don't import unknown transactions since they may get imported incorrectly. You should request assistance with such issues (see below).

Requesting assistance:

You can request assistance for any file import where you would like more info or are unsure of how to resolve the problem. Simply click on the Request Assistance button on the import summary page and describe the issue. We will do our best to respond to you in a timely manner. You can follow up on an issue by contacting us via Live chat.
See also: How to request support for a new CSV file

Import summary shows lots of skipped rows

Some rows in Koinly may get skipped if they are not needed. These are the most common reasons for skipping rows:

  1. The row is an internal transfer that doesn't need to be imported.

  2. The row contains a zero amount

  3. The row is blank

  4. The row contains a canceled/failed transaction

  5. The row contains a transaction that we have deemed unnecessary (ex. internal transfer to a staking wallet)

Very few imported transactions compared to total rows in file

Koinly groups certain rows into the same transaction which can result in a lot less transactions being created from your file. Ex.

  • If your file contains a trade spread on multiple rows - Koinly will create a single transaction for these

  • If your file contains both order and trade ids then Koinly will group multiple trades for the same order into the same transaction

  • If your file contains a lot of "futures" transactions (realized profit/loss) then Koinly will group these into a single transaction for each day

Number of imported transactions is much higher than the number of rows in the file

Koinly creates up to 3 transactions for swap services like Changelly, Safello etc (one deposit, one trade and one withdrawal). This allows Koinly's transfer matching engine to work seamlessly with such transactions. For ex for a trade of 1 BTC to 5 ETH:

  1. You are sending 1 BTC to Changelly (Deposit)

  2. Changelly is converting this BTC to 5 ETH (Trade)

  3. Changelly is sending the 5 ETH back to your wallet (Withdrawal)

There are also other cases where you may see more transactions ex.

  • If fees are being paid in multiple currencies for a trade (Koinly will add one of the fees to the trade itself and the other fee will be added as a separate transaction).

  • If you are importing a file with your margin borrowing history (if this file also contains the repayment dates and the interest paid, you will see 3 transactions being created for each row)

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