This article will help you fix issues related to the "Unable to read file" error that you may run into when trying to import csv or excel files in Koinly. Keep in mind that Koinly only supports CSV and Excel files. PDFs are not supported.

Here's what you need to do in order to fix this error:

1. Go to Google Spreadsheets and log in to your account if you have to (or create a free google account).

2. Click on Blank to create a new spreadsheet

3. Click on File > Open as shown below

4. If Google is able to understand the file then you will see your data lined up in different columns as shown below. If your data has not been split into different columns you should follow the extra step at the end of this guide.

5. Now click on File > Download > Comma delimited file (csv)

6. That's it, now just upload the downloaded file into Koinly.

If you still run into issues then it means that the file is not recognized by Koinly.
If the file was exported from an exchange or wallet that Koinly supports then you can contact us at [email protected] so we can update our importers (this can happen if the exchange has made any changes to the file).
If the file was exported from an unsupported exchange or wallet then you will need to adjust the file so it lines up with one of our custom formats.
You can also request that we add support for your file by importing the file to Koinly and then clicking on 'Map File' > 'Request Assistance'.

Extra step to fix data that wasn't formatted by Google automatically

You only need to do this if your data is being shown on the same column and looks all jumbled up like in this screenshot:

Click on the A column header (to select all rows) and then on Data > Split text to columns

You might have to select the delimiter if Google can't detect it automatically. You can find the delimiter by looking at any of the rows in your file and finding the character that separates the different fields. In the above screenshot, the comma is used to separate the columns.

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