Sometimes, the only way to find missing transactions is by comparing the ones you imported to Koinly with the ones you see on your exchange. This can be a very time-consuming process if you have lots of transactions, so we highly recommend reading the "missing purchase history" article before proceeding.

1. "View prior transactions"

Go to the Transactions page > Click on the Warnings filter and select "Missing costs".

This will show you all transactions that are missing purchase history. Next to each transaction is the "View prior transactions" link.

Click on it to see your transaction history for the coin that is missing the purchase history. This will show you all deposits/withdrawals/trades for the coin and makes it easier to follow and compare your transaction history for it.

Pro tip: If you have a lot of transactions then you should look at the prior transactions for the last warning transaction or for a coin that has fewer trades. Also make sure the missing purchase history amount is high (it's easier to find the reason for a missing 2 BTC txn than for a 0.0000025 BTC transaction).

2. Ledger history page

Sometimes you may want to see how your balances have changed after each transaction. Koinly has a page that allows you to see just this.

Click on one of the transactions to see more information about it then click on the "Ledger" tab:

Now click on the eye icon next to one of the entries that has a red dot next to it, this will take you to the Ledger history page:

This page will show you every balance change for the coin.

Pro tip: If you have access to a similar ledger page on your exchange then you can use it to quickly find the point where the balance on Koinly diverges from the real balance on your exchange.

Common issues

Missing airdrops/forks/dividends/signup bonuses/referral fees

Most exchanges don't export these along with your deposit history so you have to import them into Koinly separately.

Missing trades before a certain date

Some exchanges only provide history for the last couple of months/years. Look at the last deposit/withdrawal/trade for a coin and make sure you do not have any transactions before it even on your exchange.

Canceled withdrawals

Koinly can sometimes import failed/canceled transactions if it can't detect that the withdrawal has failed. If you have such transactions on your exchange then make sure they have not been imported into Koinly.

Let us know on Live Chat if you find this issue so we can fix it.

Fees being counted twice

This one is rare but it happens. Most exchanges show that you have bought for ex. 1 BTC for 10 ETH and paid a fee of 1 ETH as well. However, they don't say whether the fee is already included in the traded amounts or not.

Koinly assumes that all such fees are exclusive i.e. you have sent 11 ETH (incl the fee) and received 1 BTC in return. But if the fees are already included then you have actually only sent 10 ETH (incl the fee) so you end up with a lower balance than you actually have and therefore get the missing purchase history warning.

Look at some of your trades and make sure this is not the problem. If you notice this problem let us know via the Live Chat and we will fix it.

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