For instructions on how to import your data to Turbotax, see our instructions here:
How to use Koinly with Turbotax


For a guide on how to add your data to the Canadian version of Turbotax, see this video guide

Common questions

Why is Turbotax asking me to review all transactions? (US)

This review was only recently added to the Online version of Turbotax but the CD/Download version has a similar review section.

This section is entirely optional and can simply be skipped by clicking on the Continue button. It's a nice option to have but most active traders do not fill in this section since there are so many transactions.
This review section will come up for anyone who imports a CSV file to Turbotax as it's not possible to include this additional information in the CSV file itself.

Why are my acquisition costs and proceeds so high?

This is because these figures are the sum of all of your disposals' costs and proceeds. These figures do not represent your total investment which is usually much smaller. See this article for more info

If you have more than 1000 disposals:

Note that Turbotax has a limit of 1000 transactions so if you have more than this, Koinly will aggregate your transactions keeping the long-term and short-term gains the same. See this article for more info on report aggregation.

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