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Which tax reports can Koinly generate?
Which tax reports can Koinly generate?
Written by Robin Singh
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Koinly can produce a number of tax reports. You can view all the reports available to you from the Tax Reports page:

Koinly reports

Complete Tax Report

  • A comprehensive report in PDF format that includes your capital gains summary, other gains, a list of all capital gain transactions, end-of-year balances, asset summary, and income transactions.

  • You can view screenshots of all the sections of this report on this page.

Transaction Report

  • A file in CSV format that includes all your transactions for the year. While this is not a backup&restore file (it cannot be easily imported back to Koinly to restore your wallets), it's a good archive of your data.

Capital gains Report

  • This is a CSV containing all your disposals with the gain/loss calculated for each trade.

Income Report

  • This is a CSV containing all your Income transactions (airdrops, forks, interest, staking rewards, etc)

Gifts, Donations & Lost Assets

  • This is a CSV containing all transactions that have been tagged as a Gift, Donation, or Lost.

Expenses Report

  • This is a CSV containing all your transactions that have been tagged as a Cost. This does not include your trading fees which are already accounted for in the capital gains report.

End of Year Holdings Report and Beginning of Year Holdings Report

  • This is a CSV containing your holdings at the end of the tax year (or the beginning of the tax year).

Asset Summary Report

  • A list of all assets traded throughout the year, together with Gains and Losses (separately) related to each asset.

Tax Software Reports

Turbotax Report

  • This is a CSV that contains your transactions in a format that can be directly imported into the Turbotax tax software.

  • We have reports both for TurboTax Online and Desktop (TurboTax CD/DVD) versions.

TaxAct Report

  • CSV file in a format that can be imported directly to TaxAct.

Localized Tax Reports

Aside from these, Koinly can also generate a number of localized tax reports for different countries such as:

  • USA: Form 8949 and Schedule D

  • UK: HMRC Capital gains summary

  • Sweden: K4 report (both in PDF and SRU/digital format)

  • Norway: RF1159

  • Switzerland: Valuation Report

  • Finland: Lomake 9

  • Canada: Schedule 3

  • Australia: ATO summary, Trading Stock Report

  • France: Formulaire 2086

New reports are added all the time so sign in to the App and go to the Tax Reports page for an up-to-date listing of all available tax reports.

Dual Nationality

If you need to download your reports for more than one country, you need to purchase the "Dual nationality" add-on via our Plans page. After that, you will be able to download the reports for one more country, after changing it in your Settings.

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