If you are syncing Binance using API keys then Koinly will sync your airdrops automatically. This article is only for people importing their data with CSV files.

At the time of writing, Binance does not have an export option for their Dividends page. So, we have written a small script that can scrape the Dividends from their website. If you only have a couple of Dividends you can also just add them manually. This tutorial assumes you are using Chrome.

  1. Go to https://www.binance.com/userCenter/dividend.html

  2. Right click anywhere and press 'Inspect'.

  3. Select the 'Console' tab in the window that just popped up.

  4. Paste the following in there:

$.get("/asset/userAssetDividend.html?rows=100").success(function(data) {
  if(data.success) {
    var csv_rows = ['Binance Date', 'Amount', 'Currency', 'Description'].join(',');
    data.list.rows.forEach(function(row) {
      csv_rows += "\n" + [new Date(parseInt(row['operateTime']) * 1000).toISOString(), row['amount'], row['asset'], row['info']].join(',');


 5. Now wait a second until you see something like this:


6. Copy the highlighted part (the bit in red). You might see a lot of lines if you have lots of airdrops, just copy them all.

7. Open Notepad or any text editor and paste the contents in there.

8. Save the file as 'airdrops.csv'

9. Now you can import the csv file into your Binance wallet on Koinly!

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